Meet the most mysterious character in Indie Electronic Music: Jan Driver. If you’re a fan of Boys Noize Records or Indie Dance music in general then chances are you’re into Jan already whether you know it or not. Jan has worked behind the scenes in the Dance world over the course of the last two decades to produce and mix works by artists such as Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Riva Starr, and many others residing on BNR’s epic catalog. Jan has also remixed legends like Armand Van Helden and Afrika Bambaata. In addition Jan’s recent productions have continued to receive massive support from artists such as A-Trak and Dada Life.

What differentiates Jan Driver is his blatant disregard for genre. As a kid in the 1980’s he grew up absorbing contemporary Pop and Disco, to moving through every sub genre of Electronic music in the 1990’s and also dabbling with Rock and Hip Hop. His diverse palette couldn’t be more evident in his music. In tracks such as ‘Gain Reaction,’ which Jan released on Boys Noize Records last December, he combines hard techno bass-lines with raw acoustic percussion to create a sound that the Dance music world has never experienced before. Jan Driver has never limited himself to just digital or just analog production, and admittedly uses everything from vintage keyboards to VST’s in his productions.

Jan Driver – Gain Reaction 

In the last three months Jan Driver’s career has come full circle.  Through working with other artists in the studio, to spending almost a decade DJing around the world from the mid nineties to 2003, Jan has finally applied his experience in the music world to produce his first full length album.  His debut album was just released on Boys Noize Records on 9/5/11.  The album supports a marriage between Rock and hard Electro similar to what we’ve seen in Justice’s recent productions, with a twist of a Parliament Funkadelic album.  The unique combination gives the sound a completely fresh flavor. Listening to tracks such as ‘Rave Yard,’ you feel the energy of tracks like Bart B More’s ‘Brap,’ while sinking into tracks like ‘Golden Super,’ you experience a vibe somewhere in the middle of Grandmaster Flash and Siriusmo.

Because of the inherit uniqueness in Jan Driver’s productions and the notoriety he has gained in his productions across the Dance music world since the early 1990’s, Jan has rightfully earned his stripes. Over the last 12 months, Jan has successfully branded himself as a rising star in Indie Electronic music, and I have been thrilled to see his work get more recognition in the last two months. Jan Driver remains at the top of my list for most anticipated live performance, and having shown himself a renaissance man in the Indie Dance world, I know he will deliver.

Purchase Jan Driver’s full-length “Amatilda” on Beatport

Jan Driver – Raveyard 

Jan Driver – Dozer