If asked the question, “Which two artists would you like to see collaborate most?” I’m not sure I could have produced a more interesting answer than Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo.  With their powers combined they are Handbraekes, the most recent of BN’s collabs.  I don’t understand the name but I posit that its origins are something along the lines of Duck Sauce in that it’s “just because we can.”  Their first release which is simply called  “#1” exhibits a similar theme. The release features songs like “The Qat” which has a synth that sounds like a broken trumpet or a dying animal and “Milc” which has very little variation but has a cool cut up vocal sample and a very interesting glitched out synth. The collaboration serves as an experimental platform for both artists to explore their more fringe musical ideas (although some of Oizo’s original music sounds that strange as well).  My favorite track on #1, “Callgurls” is unlike any track I’ve heard before so I won’t try to describe it. But you can listen to it here:

A less recent, but equally exciting Boys Noize collaboration is Puzique. Boys Noize and D.I.M. joined forces for something on the opposite end of the spectrum from Handbraekes. Their track “Don’t Go” is a timeless feel-good anthem and “Thomas” has a fun, more experimental electro sound.



Most recently, Boys Noize teamed up with fellow techno hard-hitter Erol Alkan, to create some ferociously dirty tracks.  Check them out below:

Huge fan of all three of these artists and I hope they keep making music together!