The 3,000 capacity, three-level venue on 56th St. and 11th ave was packed to the brim with college students who were drinking themselves to the point of no return.  Young professionals who came to the show directly from the office after a long week of work, and a handful of middle-aged men and women who were simply looking to have a good time. Everyone was there for one reason: to party and dance to the funky grooves that are created by Chromeo. Dave-1 and P Thugg met while attending grade school in Montreal. Over the past 8 years, they have released 3 acclaimed full length albums and numerous other singles and remix EPs. With each release, It is very evident how much their sound and songwriting ability improves. And this improvement is ever more evident in their live show.

Playing along to a backing track, Dave-1 and P Thugg played guitar, bass, synths, and percussion as well as singing the lead vocal tracks to the 15 tracks the duo played over 90 minutes. In addition to duo, a trio of “Chromettes” made a special appearance, singing back up vocals to roughly half of the songs in the set while swaying and dancing very smoothly in unison dressed in sexy skin tight black dresses with red belts.

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Oliver Remix) by U-Tern