I’m stoked to be writing about Fake Blood today. His music continues to provoke me by combining elements that I never knew fit together.

When asked in his only interview to date how he would describe the sound of the moniker Fake Blood, Producer Theo Keating replied

 It’s just me not really giving a damn. When I did it there was no expectation; there was no baggage there. That’s one of the reasons I did it like this: anonymously. It was that there was no scrutiny; I could just do it clean and if people liked it cool, and if they didn’t I wasn’t bothered at all.

Though he has since let go of his anonymity, his attitude of carefree indifference and auditory design principles continue to provide his remixes and originals with a powerful quality. Keating is also known for his involvement in the British hip hop group The Wiseguys and his electronic collaboration with former Simian member Simon William Lord: The Black Ghosts. He talks about the beginning of his Fake Blood project:

 The first remix I did was The Black Ghost remix. Basically it was like ‘why don’t you remix this track.’ I said ‘I don’t really want to remix it as myself because the scrutiny would be too weird and people will maybe expect it to be something or maybe expect me to be really reverent to the song because I’m sort of associated with it.’ So I wanted to do something like balls out. I’m just going to remix it like I couldn’t care less. So I just chose a name and I just said, ‘Alright this is just going be for this one remix.’ Then I did an Armand Van Heldon one and then the Bonde  (Bonde Do Role) one and by that point I was like, ‘people seem to like this stuff and they kept asking for me.’ And initially the anonymity was just so I could get on with it and not have to account to anyone. And also it just makes for a much easier life.

Since then Fake Blood has remixed tracks by a number of different artists including: Little Boots, Calvin Harris, Miike Snow, The Kills, Gossip, and UNKLE.  In 2008 he released “Mars,” a track that epitomizes his style in both its peculiarity and its captivatingly epic nature. In 2009 he released a two track EP entitled “Fix Your Accent” and then in 2010 he released what might be his most widely known song, “I Think I Like it.” This track was in DJ sets all over the place in 2010.
Fake Blood – Mars by tb303

Despite an impressively consistent level of quality from his releases, Fake Blood has still accumulated a relatively small oeuvre in the four years since his The Black Ghosts remix. Certainly no more than three or four tracks a year. He says:

 I do take a while…some other people I know, producers, they kind of, not laugh, but say, Why did you take so long on that remix. They’ll set themselves a limit like a day or two days max. Which is fine because they get the results that they’re after and that’s wicked but I just don’t work like that. I take a lot longer. And if people can hear that in there, cool. If they can’t well… it’s still in there.


His 2011 release “Deep Red EP” is, in classic Fake Blood style, nothing short of incendiary.  The title track “Deep Red” achieves that carefree, extreme-banger attitude while retaining a unique quality by avoiding the grungy square-wave synth sound that so many producers use to elicit energy.  “Voices” has somehow found a successful aesthetic by combining heavy, post-rave electro with monastic chant. It’s a very you-have-to-hear-it-to-believe-it kind of sound.

For me, Fake Blood is one of the few producers that I’ve loved for a while but I have never seen live. His set at Hard Haunted Mansion is definitely on my to do list

The Drummer (Fake Blood Remix) by Niki & The Dove