Today, we are announcing the first of 8 stage line-ups for HARD Summerthe FOOL’S GOLD CLUBHOUSE.

We worked directly with A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, the two label heads at Fool’s Gold, to curate this hip-hop inspired stage that will feature performances by A-Trak, Danny Brown, Araabmuzik, Craze, Action Bronson, Nick Catchdubs, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, and Jim-E Stack.

Nick Catchdubs made a special HARD Summer Fool’s Gold Clubhouse mixtape that is now available for free download on, and can be streamed on the HARD soundcloud page.

I spoke to Nick Catchdubs about the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse, and why they chose this group of artists for HARD Summer. This is what he had to say.


 DB: Can you talk about the concept of the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse? Where did the idea come from?

 NC: With our events throughout the years – Fool’s Gold is about to be 5 years old this fall, which is crazy – We’ve always done a good job of giving people artists who they know and already associate with us, as well as some surprises. Keeping people guessing and doing the un-expected, whether it’s with the booking or with the choice of venue, has become a signature. Whether it’s having a guy like Juicy J headline our day off party in New York last summer, or having someone like DJ Mehdi show up unannounced and do a house set. All of these things make sense under the Fool’s Gold umbrella. And we have always talked about having a festival stage to take this other places.


DB: Why did you guys decide to put together a hip-hop based line-up while curating the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse stage for HARD Summer?

 NC: Doing something like the rap party on the last day of the HOLY SHIP! cruise was really telling. Being able to do a touch of programming like that was great because you are offering people something very special. And doing something like having Action Bronson play an electronic music based event such as HARD Summer is also really awesome. The fact that we have DJs like myself, Jim-E Stack, Craze and A-Trak on the bill, and guys like Araabmuzik doing their thing, which is hip hop inspired but ultimately genre free, helps connect the dots. This isn’t just a “alright everybody put your hands in the air for the throwback rap set.” We’re doing it Fool’s Gold style, and we do that wherever we go.


DB: Why did you choose this particular group of artists for HARD Summer?

 NC: When we do these types of events we go right to the family, and people who we work with on the regular. It’s not just a lets shoot an email to a stranger because we like the way they rap type of thing, although that does happen sometimes. Me and A-Trak, and Danny, who is the real star of the label right now, are going to play because it makes sense to stuff the bill with as many actual label artists as possible. But in addition we are bringing somebody like Craze, who is super family forever. We work with his label Slow Roast. We’re also bringing Araabmuzik who has been playing our parties for years. Action and eXquire have also played our parties before. Jim-E Stack has played our parties before. It’s a cool way to make sure our friends are involved with this stuff too, because its just as fun to have a moment to just hang with everybody beyond the fact that we are all playing together. That is something that is a real strength of all the HARD parties in general. You look at these line-ups and it feels kind of like a class reunion. That is what was so dope about Holy Ship! But that is something that goes for all of the HARD events. At the end of the day, anyone can throw a show. But not everybody can throw a party. And that’s how we view the Clubhouse stuff. And something like HARD Summer is a perfect fit for that because that is already the mission.


DB: Where else are you guys going to be hosting Clubhouse stages this year?

 NC: There are a couple things in the mix. We have Camp Bisco coming up. We have Electric Zoo coming up. There are going to be a bunch of festivals throughout the summer and we are gearing up to do a mass announcement for all of it. Its cool that the HARD Summer one drops first because it sets the stage for what we have planned.

Make sure to check out the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse stage on Friday, August 3rd at the HARD Summer Music Festival in Downtown Los Angeles. Featuring performances by:

Danny Brown
Action Bronson
Nick Catchdubs
Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Jim-E Stack

 And don’t forget to download the official HARD Summer Fool’s Gold Clubhouse mixtape by Nick Catchdubs.