Detroit MC Danny Brown burst into the music public’s consciousness with his self released record The Hybrid in 2010, which garnered him acclaim nationwide and set up his signing to Fool’s Gold for the follow up release of XXX in mid-2011.  While his look, sound and production style are as gritty as they come, the mixtape was a fully formed, super focused statement that became one of the most compelling indie rap releases of 2011 without a single featured guest appearance.

As many of his contemporaries got quicker deals and found easier roads to rap stardom, his weirdness influenced labels to sidestep him early on and allowed him to sharpen his game in earnest throughout his 20’s (XXX is a reference to his age in addition to his regular drugs/sex musings).  While we’re used to rappers with interchangeable hooks and overblown self-hyping, Danny Brown stands out with three dimensional lyrics that are full of psychedelic strangeness, allusions to the stark life he’s lived in the shadow of Detroit’s down times, and savagely funny punch lines.

His love of music doesn’t end with rap, which is one of main reasons he ended up with Fool’s Gold to begin with. “When we first met, we really didn’t talk about doing business; we talked about music the whole time,” says Danny of what endeared him to Fool’s Gold. “That was the illest thing to me, because I sat down with a lot of labels and all we were talking about was, ‘How can we make this project work?’ and this and that. Fool’s Gold was all about being fans of music, and ‘How can we make Danny Brown better?’ I didn’t know they were such huge hip-hop nerds. A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, you think of dance music, but they’re real knowledgeable with everything.”  Thus, in 2012 you’ll hear Danny Brown’s raspy yelp pop up in any number of your favorite dance DJ’s sets.  Recently, he’s finished work on tracks with A-Trak, trap-monsters Flosstradamus, Detroit’s House Shoes, grime producer Darq E Freaker, and El-P just to name a few and just released a Brodinski remix of his track “Die Like a Rock Star”.  Watch for him in the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse at HARD Summer!


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