Light year’s bio begins, “Light Year was created many aeons ago in a celestial orb east-side of Sydney, deep in the back-garden of Australia.”  I fell in love with their track 5 Girls, and now they’re at it again with Moderation; an awesomely dark yet simultaneously fun track.  As if that’s not enough, their remix of ZZT’s ZZafrica is a must listen!

Get to know Light Year a bit better with the interview below (oh yeah, keep your ears peeled for the HARD shout out!)

As Light Year gets ready for the biggest party in downtown LA, keep in mind the last line of their bio: “With two EPs and two continental club tours under the belt, Light Year is now forward thinking in a large vortex of momentum…Stay close don’t fear as this is a new beginning, a Light Year 2.0, an LY renaissance and so the future is only Light Years away.”