Last Friday I had the opportunity to check out Jack Beats play an amazing live set at Fabric London. I have seen Jack Beats several times over the last few years back in the states, but it was special to see the duo take the stage at the mighty Fabric to headline the night.  It was clear they were in their element.

When I walked into the club Zinc & Script MC were building the mood in the booth in Room One. As the music progressed into tracks by the likes of Bart B More and The Loops of Fury, the crowd became amped for the wonky and crazy beats soon to come. When Jack Beats took the stage at 1:30, Fabric was more alive than I had ever seen it before. I have to say that I really enjoy the environment in Fabric when the headliners take the stage in Room One as opposed to the DJ booth in the back. Jack Beats created a concert environment that I totally loved. Beni G and Plus One proceeded to take us on a journey through the greatest and hard-hitting Jack Beats jams of the last four years, and I was hooked the entire set. The two dropped some of their more recent tracks, including my favorite of 2011, ‘All Night,’ with John B, and they also took us back to all of their classics, including their remix of ‘Drop the Pressure’ by Project Bassline, ‘Get Down,’ their remix of La Roux’s ‘I’m Not Your Toy,’ ‘Revolution,’ and several more.

Aside from the track selection, one thing that I always love about Jack Beats’ sets and definitely saw on Friday was how technically skilled the duo is on turntables. The guys have a background in turntablism, and it’s amazing to see a duo function as two independent performers with two different computers and mixers on the same mix. I also loved how Beni G was using an iPad in the mix.

After Jack Beats left the stage the energy definitely did not die: Benga & Youngman took the stage to deliver a set with plenty of womp. Benga did what he does best, and brought plenty of his traditional UK style and dub, but I loved how he dipped into other genres, such as Moombahcore. It has been a treat to see DJs around the world drop the tempo to 110 and pick up this new style of music, and especially in London of all places – where the genre definitely did not float well during its earlier days just a year ago.

In addition to Benga and Jack Beats, I also loved the sets I heard by Tom Staar and Botnek – two acts that I had been dying to see in the US but had never gotten the chance to. I loved Botnek’s energy; these guys deliver a set like Mumbai Science, or Ado, but speak in a totally unique musical language. They were wild to say the least. I also love Tom Staar because of how unique his style is: he takes the swing nature of Tech House and applies it to more Electro influenced music. The crowd blew up when he dropped Nicky Romero’s remix of ‘Flash,’ even at 5am.

I thoroughly enjoyed this most recent trip to Fabric, because of how Jack Beats and Benga captivated the club goers like I had never seen before at Fabric, and because of the diversity of the supporting talent . I can’t wait to see both of these acts again in the near future, and to get back at Fabric!