As a producer, every track you write and record is like a little bomb. Some fuses have different lengths for delayed detonation. Some have higher explosive potential. Some can fracture and explode into shards, and those shards themselves explode even farther.

KILL FRENZY, a one man wrecking crew from northeastern Belgium, must know a thing or two about these detonation devices.

As much as seven years ago, he started dropping grenades in the inboxes of his idols in the Chicago juke circles. They took him under their wing via e-mail, and his first few releases were on Dust Traxx imprint Ghetto Test alongside Chicago juke legends such as Gant Man and DJ Deeon.

Around this same time, a fuse was burning from Chicago back to England, where Sinden and Herve (aka The Count) were also heavily influenced by the juke sounds of Chicago. As they released obliterating party jams “Beeper” and “Hardcore Girls” in 2008, Herve also showed his support for Kill Frenzy by releasing his EPs 54321 and Master Plan.

With a few more EPs on his native Midnight Munchies label, including the Bombs & Trains EP (see the theme, there?), Kill Frenzy caught the ear of the boys over at Dirtybird Records. As they prepared to launch the groundbreaking Hatched compilation, Dirtybird maestro Justin Martin was himself boarding a boat docked off the coast of Ft Lauderdale.

It was the MSC Poesia, and it was bound for Pt Lucaya in the Bahamas then on to a private island for a white sand beach party. As the ship sailed away Diplo, Skrillex, Rusko and Laidback Luke played electric sets while thousands of fans went wild. The last performance of the HOLY SHIP! Sailaway Party came from the roster’s least familiar name — a dapper, reserved Parisian going by the name Gesaffelstein.

When Gesaffelstein played Kill Frenzy’s new Dirtybird track “Booty Clap (Make It Clap)”, all were in awe. It was perfect.

Throughout the course of the voyage, that song would reappear multiple times, always delivering a huge reaction. In the following months, Grammy-winner Skrillex would make it a staple of his sets. Today Kill Frenzy is recognized in all circles of dance music worldwide as one dangerous assassin. He will make his 2012 debut in Los Angeles at the HARD Summer Music Festival.

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