NYC up and coming provocateur and performance artist Mykki Blanco, the womanly performance alter ego of 24 year old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. has been on a rampage in 2012.  Between poetry readings, twitter ranting, party hosting, and cutting a punk/industrial record (Mykki & the Mutant Angels EP) that recently came out via NYC label UNO, she released this track produced by Brenmar, which is the first single off her forthcoming rap album.  “Wavvy” is a fun track driven by Brenmar’s spacy, but clean, production that creates an airy void for Mykki’s lyrical rasp to dance around and give some gravity to.  It’s the type of vocal driven track from Brenmar that his production has always seemed to hint would work wonders with some of hip hop’s bigger names, but here Mykki does well to ride the vibe with her usual panache.