For a while now, Red Bull has put together an amazing series of events and workshops . These seminars give some of the best up-and-coming producers from all over the world a chance to interact and learn from some of the legends in the game, as well as each other.  As one might expect, unleashing a bunch of creative and talented people into a studio together results in some pretty exciting and surprising material.

This work has been compiled for your listening pleasure in the form of Various Assets, a 35-track compilation of material produced over four weeks at the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid.  Due to the constraints of working in unfamiliar teams and limited time, not every track on here is a hit, but the compilation offers a really cool snapshot of producers operating in sonic territory that is in some cases really far out from what we are used to hearing from them… Of course there’s some major jams to be found here too.


Listen to “Phone Tone” by Brenmar, Canblaster, and Ghosts on Tape:

Download the whole compilation featuring collab tracks by Canblaster, Brenmar, Addison Groove, Om Unit, Nguzunguzu, Krystal Klear, Doc Daneeka, and lots more for FREE HERE!