In the spirit of regenerating music, director Amir Bar-Lev, in association with the Grammy’s have made a film about, “Five DJ’s turning the tables on the history of music.” Skrillex, The Crystal Method, Dj Premier, Pretty Lights, and Mark Ronson are paired with Members of The Doors, Martha Reeves and FunkBrothers, Nas and The Berklee Symphony, Dr. Ralph Stanley and Lean Rimes,and Mos Def and Erika Badu respectively. The project seeks to combine styles of music that are not traditionally fused and to document the process as a thought provoking experiment that explores the way we perceive sound, method, and collaboration. The film’s premise and trailer promise an incisive portrayal of the modern music scene and an acute discussion of the relationship between producer and artist as well as the grey area in between. The film plays only in select theaters February 16th and 23rd.

Here is an interesting bit of Jason Bently’s interview with Skrillex about the project: