Treasure Fingers dropped Rooftop Revival this week via Scion A/V and it got us thinking about old folks on film.

Since the explosion of music videos in the eighties, many artists have tapped wrinkle power to creatively promote their music. Fans may fondly recall Katy Perry, the Pretenders, Arrested Development, Sigur Ros and even those emo-rap dubstep dudes going gray. Today, we’ve picked our five favorite geriatric-themed music videos of all time for your viewing pleasure.


#5 Treasure Fingers “Rooftop Revival”

We’ve loved Treasure Fingers since the release of “Cross The Dancefloor”, and this new hit is definitely on par. While the video’s fountain-of-youth theme might not hit every mark, it’s well executed, beautifully shot, and has a relatively low wrinkle count. The remixes on the record include Computer Club and Bro Safari. Is this the first time all three Evol Intent boys have shared a release outside of their drum-n-bass personas? Catch Bro Safari next week at HARD Miami’s Moombahton Massive.


#4 Underworld “Always Loved a Film”

Barking marked a huge comeback for electronic music’s outsider headliners, Underworld. While it may have been one single shy of perfection (really, you couldn’t have put “Downpipe” in there somewhere?) “Always Loved a Film” is one of the record’s great tunes. It’s a crowd pleaser live, but here in video form it takes on a new meaning.


#3 Beastie Boys “Ricky’s Theme”

Undisputed music video champions Beastie Boys probably spent all of forty minutes shooting this one, but it’s an indelible classic. Granted, it has the touch of director Spike Jonze all over it — street sports, surrealism, terrible disguises, and charming humor.


#2 The Prodigy “Take Me To The Hospital”

No, we are not saying that Keith and Maxim are old folks, it’s more that “Take Me To The Hospital” is a trendy catchphrase of septuagenarians everywhere. What a killer fucking track!


#1 Crookers “Put Your Hands On Me”

We love Youtube commenters. Despite rampant anonymous bigotry and indecipherable grammar-bombs, you can always trust Youtube viewers to vote up a brilliant comment like “This is as sexy as an autopsy”. In all fairness, this video and the underwhelming “No Security” vid may have derailed the Crookers’ world domination when Tons of Friends was released, but make no mistake — the Crookers are still stealing your girlfriend and making out with your sister while you try to sort your MP3s. Because Crookers are the shit. That was implied. Do you not understand inference? Maybe that explains why your girlfriend was dissatisfied and your sister’s such a slut.